Monday, July 19, 2010

thank full

today i am thankful for...

a house that was clean for 30 seconds before the midge got to it ;)
money to buy my lunch
friends to watch a silly show with
a friend who worries about me & checks in on me at work
the value menu at burger king and the icees on that menu!
instant macaroni and cheese
the midge's kissing game at bed time
my hus who took a moment to tell me,
"I'm so happy with you. I have everything I want with you."
my job that allows me to give health care to my family.
my house...I can't believe I'm home.
my bedroom.

tonight i will fall asleep in praise instead of all the to do's left undone.


  1. Amen sister, you to pieces!! xoxo

  2. love this post and being "thank full"

  3. Lovely! So great to count our blessings every day :)