Monday, July 23, 2012

I talked to Monday

Hello, Monday!  I feel like resting in your vastness for a moment and linger here with you.  You know, for a day, you seem to carry a lot of mixed emotions. You're a new week which is fresh with a new beginning but depending on the journey, you feel old and heavy--something I want to cast aside. Today though, I'm just choosing to stay awake and build the new road. 

How do you feel, Monday? Does it feel burdensome that most people loathe your existence? Do you take it personally or do you realize it was just an unfortunate alignment that made you first instead of Friday? 

Well, Monday, I'll tell you what I like about you: when the baby naps in the morning, the chance to sit and have coffee with you, the opportunity to work a little from home, the chance to see what lays ahead and ponder the unknown corners.  Today, I love the chance to indulge in copious amounts of intricate song lyrics & deafen myself to the sound of anything outside of my speakers & mind. 

So, Monday, thanks for coming to rest a bit with me. 

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