Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Word

I've been mulling over this idea of a word.
A word that defines your outlook for a year you can't predict.
A word that defines a goal, a projection, an anticipation.
The power of that ONE word and it's weight looms heavily and circles my thoughts.
Last year, I went in to 2010 with one word.
That word was INTENTION.
In the wake of a rough start, I wanted to pursue the year with passion-- with INTENTION.
I feel like I succeeded...for six months, and then I bottomed out.
I feel like I succeeded in one breath and failed in another.
My intention for choosing a word last year was because I felt that lists didn't work but one motivational thought could inspire and direct.
I can't seem to find that word this year.
Or--I can, but I just don't want to adopt that word.
It actually keeps haunting me, coming back to me, poking me between the ribs but to be honest, the word feels like too much work.
Ever feel like that?
Like you just don't want to take on more work?

Oh, life, what do you want from me this year?
Actually, what do I want from YOU?!


  1. Sending you tons of love, encouragement, cheering you on... and wishing for you that this year is everything Y O U want it to BE!!!!

  2. toooooootally. Too much work is right.

    and how much do I love that our brains are so intertwined that you thought exactly what i was thinking? seriously. I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU.

    Come to visit. I'll come to visit - either way - lets get together. Feb? March? Send me dates.

    asap. ttyl. lol. xoxo. brb. 2good2be4gotten.

    ok i'm leaving now.