Friday, January 21, 2011

I L ? ? E You

In high school I had a boyfriend who would send me notes on graph paper and in each one there would be one written portion that was the same:

"I L ? ? E You

This "relationship" didn't last long.
Two weeks into the graph paper note love/like affair, he decided my endeavor to Australia that upcoming Summer would leave him too lonely for three weeks & I decided that this clearly wasn't worth it.
As I lay awake thinking about what God's been telling me to move on in my life in the last 72 hours, I remembered this toying two week relationship that existed over a decade ago.

It became clear to me as I pictured those old hand written notes that my God will never make me question how he feels about me. He doesn't fill the Bible with doubt, confusion, and strings. He's not asking me to earn his love or fulfill Him. He's not saying if I stray, I can't come home.

He is like NO Human Relationship on this Earth.

He says,
No questions & no games.
He loves me!
He loves You!


  1. He does LOVE us! Isn't HE great like that :)

  2. amen my friend!
    i'm memorizing eph 3.16&17 this week....i love the "how wide and long and high and deep" covers all of our little world

  3. Isn't God awesome! I love that His love is constant.