Saturday, November 27, 2010

A White Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday and in our home for the first time.
With a few Fall touches set up around the house early in the week,
I actually had time to enjoy a piece of a season that generally flies by.
My plan this year started with white and kraft paper and shaped itself from there thanks to a few borrowed pieces from my cousin and a husband who let me spend the night shaping the table as my mood struck.
This was the end result:
The table cost me a total of $20 in new purchases:
Tablecloth: $10
White Pumpkins: $5
White roll of paper: $2
Place Tags: $3
My favorite piece ended up being my make-shift white paper table runner!
With the Martha Stewart Lace paper punch, I took a standard white roll of paper typically used for children's art and punched away until it fit the length of the table.
The natural look of the table ended up feeling relaxed yet special.
Exactly what I wanted.
While the wine cork place card holders didn't seem appropriate for the kiddos;) clothespins worked & kept the look cohesive.
With a few nuts in a glass container & some crayons, the munchkins were good to go at their own table!
With the loving words of my husband,
"Thank you for making this so special. Things like this are easy to just let go by. I'm thankful you did this,"
It was worth it and so fun!

To my honey,
Thank you for encouraging me to do what I needed to make Thanksgiving special and loving through my "too much to do" spasms! ;)
You make my world right.
I love you.

*please do not use any photos without permission & appropriate credits.


  1. it's completely beautiful! You did a great job!

  2. Simply beautiful! I would delight to dine at your lovely table!

  3. Allegra! I'm so in love. SO beautiful - SO fabulous - So YOU. I am completely inspired, proud and in awe of YOU.


  4. Wow, your table looks beautiful!!! I hope I can remember that idea of punching the edges of the paper - genius!

  5. beautiful table...just beautiful.