Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ready {Logistically Anyway}

My due date is officially August 11 but when I was put on bed rest with a goal date of making it to July 14, mentally, my due date changed!
It now feels like I'm past due.

Initially July 14 came and went and I felt discouraged but now I'm good just waiting.
After all, with the use of my legs & mobility again, I'm a "free" woman.

Don't get me wrong.
My bags are packed
(& have been for 5 weeks...)
The build out the Hus was working on for the new office is complete so now the little one's room is ready.
And the gifts that the baby bought for his big brother are wrapped & ready for Big Brother to open when he meets the baby for the first time.

(Yes, already considerate and giving, the baby bought his big brother two trains for this Thomas the Train collection)
So it appears these last few weeks will be spent wondering:
Is my water going to break on my friend's leather couch?
Am I going to start having contractions & going into this unexpectedly?

And watching our big boy go through his own changes:
Not so excited that the baby has his own room with a rocker he can't call his (sad)
Waking up each morning asking if the the baby is awake and if he can hug him (sweet)

We are ready {Logistically Anyway...}


  1. Hi friend! I am visiting your blog since I cant visit with you this morning :) I am LOVING the bags!!! Where did you get, i want!
    Also, super love the idea of getting Ash a gift from babe. Super adorable. Already such a wonderful mom of 2!!! XOXO

  2. I can't wait to meet this little one when he's ready for the world and give you some love next weekend!

  3. I'm so excited for your bundle to arrive!!! We had gifts too for our children from the new baby...wishing you a great delivery

  4. I am SO excited for you! I know these last days of waiting can be torcherous so I pray they go fast and smooth for you! My son is obsessed with Thomas btw! :)

  5. Amazing. Baby Emily was also very sweet to get a new "Emily" train for our Thomas set. Gosh those little babies are so considerate of their siblings! I love you!!