Saturday, February 19, 2011

15 weeks & Counting

Who knew that being pregnant with another lil' one could be so different from the first time!
Aside from the physical symptoms, the biggest difference is how little time there is to sit, refuel, or even think about a nursery, a name, or the little hopes.
When I'm not tied to my desk, I'm struggling just to find time to love on the two men in my life let alone figure out how to call a friend, stay up late enough to watch a show, or grocery shop. UNREAL how exhausted I am.

Um--also, incredibly unreal how much faster I have shown this time around!
At 15 weeks now, I am definitely all belly'd up!
If the Dr. hadn't told me I've gained the same amount of weight I had at the same time my last pregnancy, I'd be thinking I was in serious trouble!
It hasn't stopped me from wanting to post a sign on my shirt that says, "KNOCKED UP" buuut oh well!

So we talk to the midge about him becoming a big brother and ask for his opinion on the little things like, "What do you want to name the baby?" (to which we get no real answer) & the hus' favorite question is, "Do you want a white baby like mommy or a brown baby like daddy?" (to which he always says, "white baby!" and we laugh)
{*I should probably mention for any new readers that I'm a blond (usually) & blue eyed Norwegian while my husband is straight up Portuguese and our first babe was a total shock of bright blond, blue eyes, and fair skin just like Mama.}And life just keeps moving forward
(despite the fact that I feel like this pregnancy is surprisingly taking forever after spending 2 weeks at 14 weeks when my due date was bumped up---lame!!--but I truly think they're wrong. Guess I do have to keep on their time line however.)

So, all is just movin' along over here.
How are YOU doing?!


  1. Congrats, Allegra! I'm so excited and happy for you and your family. :)

  2. So fun that we get to do this together AGAIN! You're a gorgeous pregnant lady. :)

  3. Oh wonderful!! I'm so excited and happy for your family...

  4. Your so cute! I love the t-shirt idea. hahahaha. I am glad you seem to be feeling better this time around even if you are exhausted! I laughed so hard with Christan posted about hoping for a brown baby.
    Let us know if there is anything we can do for you three.
    We are doing ok (check out the blog, I think you'll be pleastly surprised by it these days ;-)

  5. Fun, I'm two weeks behind you with mine & my husband's first!!! So exciting :-)

  6. I'm right there with you my cousin friend. Just waiting for more energy... that just isn't coming. I can't wait to see what color baby you get! :) Love you!!

  7. Oh OH OH!!!!I am soooooooo Excited to hear your baby news!!!! YEA so thrilled for your growing family!! Oh allegra i'm sending you bunches of love and wonderfu pregnancy blessing!!!!!

  8. You are preggo?!! Oh Allegra I am so happy for you!! Congratulations to you and your family. It will go sooo much faster. I cannot even believe I am at the last stretch.
    Prayers and hugs your way!