Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Beginning....

I started this blog a few years ago out of desperate need to release my inner most thoughts. I never held things back here. I unfolded the complications of being a working mom, the aches of becoming a parent, the battle between where I started and my family began. I healed here. For those who only virtually know me, I probably seemed unstable but the truth is, the more real I got here, the more sane it kept me.

I learned to write when I was young. My journals were my best friends. No matter where I was, a pen and paper heard the chaos of battling my parents divorce and the chaos that followed it. I broke and was bound by the lines that held the words that were stitched inside a mouth that couldn't find the strength to speak.

With my first son, I juggled working a full time job and learning how to be a parent. It say the least. I'm in a new place now though. I found myself without a job (part of a budget cut like many people) after only two weeks of being back at work with my second son. It's now five months later and I am just now settling into what it means to be a Stay At Home Mom--an internal dream fulfilled in an unexpected way.

Things are financially TIGHT and they are abundantly blessed in LOVE, exhaustion, and newness. This may not be the way I wanted to get HERE but I made it.  I have made it to this "finish" line (for now) I had set in my we have to figure out how to keep our family here.

So, this blog is turning into something new. A daily diary of the moments I get to experience as a mom and wife not divided by the expectations of corporate america. Here starts a new day at a time.